What Does CBD Oil Feel Like: Benefits And Side Effects

CBD oil

The experience of getting best from a common bong or edible is the equipment of legend and everyone knows someone (or knows someone who knows someone) who’s ridden the THC train at least once. But what does CBD feel like?
CBD products are new abundant that the average Joe or Jane on the street hasn’t felt the effects of a CBD Oil gummy or a CBD tincture. That can be nerve-wracking for those who want to try CBD Oil for themselves but don’t want to risk their health on an unknown product.
The all-things-cannabis experts at Authentic Marijuana are here to set your mind at ease. In this article, we’ll reveal not only what does CBD Oil feel like, but whether it will get you high and how to find the right dose to start.
What Is CBD?
Put simply, CBD Oil (the shortened form of the word cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds unique to the cannabis (marijuana) plant.
Other cannabinoids include:
The extraordinary thing about CBD Oil — and all cannabinoids, in fact — is that when you ingest them, inhale them, or rub them on your skin, they interact with the neurons in your brain to produce some remarkable effects.
That leads us back to the question, “What does CBD Oil feel like?”
Before we reveal the answer, though, it’s essential that we dispel any lingering reservations you may have by telling you what CBD doesn’t feel like.
Will CBD Get You High?
No, CBD will not get you very high level By extension, then, no CBD Oil product (oil, patch, pill, or anything else) should give you a psychedelic kick.
Astute readers will notice the word “should” in the previous sentence. Some whole-plant products contain a wide range of cannabinoids, not just CBD. Those products may contain THC, which, depending on the dose, will at least make you feel a little strange.
You may not get the full “I-just-had-the-best-conversation-with-my-desk-lamp” experience, but the effects will be different from a pure CBD Oil extract.
To protect yourself from an accidental high, be sure to read the label of any product you purchase.
What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?
One of the reasons we love the cannabis plant is because it seems specifically designed to make us feel good in so many different ways.
To highlight that fact and to help you understand what CBD Oil feels like, we’ve divided this section into two categories:
Benefits of CBD Oil
Side effects of CBD Oil
The benefits category lists the good feelings you can expect to experience when taking a CBD product. The side effects category lists the “bad-ish” feelings you can expect to experience when taking a CBD oil product (although, even those effects aren’t really all that bad).


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